Flynn Marks Shares New Single ‘Grow’

Fast-rising British singer and songwriter Flynn Marks makes his eagerly-awaited return with the release of his uplifting new single Grow, out now via Tribeast Music. 
What I love the most about this song is the emotion pouring from Flynn's vocals and how they effortlessly make us feel each and every single word he is singing. One of his most passionate offerings to date, Grow is a song about reflecting on the darkest days of one's life, when you felt lost and hopeless. It shares a message to lean on the ones who love you and that with time you will be able to come out of the dark again. This uplifting, hopeful message is wrapped around a captivating pop production with emotive piano chords nicely paired with punchy percussion and warm rhythms that create somewhat of an euphoric atmosphere perfect to brighten up our day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, Flynn Marks said, 
‘Grow’ looks back to the darkest of my days, and talks about a time where I felt lost, unstable and hopeless. this songs a nod to anyone who currently feels like they’re stuck in the same cycles and patterns that they can’t seem to break, and hopefully it’ll go some way to show that if you’re fortunate enough to lean on the ones who love you and constantly search for things that make you happier, with enough practise you can pull yourself out of the mud and hope for better days ahead.