Dylan Emmet Shares New Single ‘What’s The Point!’

New York-based indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet has just shared his brand new single What’s The Point!, a pop-punk cut about being stonewalled and shut out by his ex. 
I am loving his confident vocal delivery which soars beautifully over the soaring electric guitars and punchy drum patterns. What's The Point! is a song about being in a relationship where the other person would instantly shut down when confict arose. It's shows how exhausting it can be to try to communicate with someone that isn't willing to talk things through, realising they aren't even emotionally available in the relationship. Sadly this is quite a common thing and I feel Dylan beautifully captures the feelings of exhaustion and frustration which are backed by a memorable punk-infused pop production with a blend of glitchy synth guitars, slick pop punk guitars and hard 808s. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dylan Emmet said, 
What’s The Point!” is about being stonewalled and shut out by my ex. When conflicts arose, she would shut down, blame it all on me, and get too angry to communicate. I started to go crazy myself trying to get through to her. No matter what I did, I couldn’t fix it. Hitting her walls became exhausting. Finally, I realized there was no point. I was in love with someone who was emotionally unavailable.”