Cassie Marin Shares New Single ‘Push Me’

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is back with her brand new single, Push Me, an infectious electro-pop song. 
What I love the most about this song has to be its infectious energy and how it instantly got me in a good mood. Opening with Cassie’s signature buoyant electro-pop production, it’s easy to get lost in the groove of Push Me. Contrasting with its upbeat, danceable touch we have lyrics that tug deep at the heartstrings as it is an anthem for anyone who has ever been told they couldn't do or be what they wanted, serving as a reminder that your love and passion cannot be shut away. This empowering anthem is beautifully conveyed through Cassie Marin's gorgeous vocals which glide over a blend of high-energy beats and fizzy synths. This is a killer piece of music perfect for a fun weekend out with friends and I think you will love it. Check it out below!



Cassie expands on what inspired the new single:
When I originally wrote and produced ‘Push Me,’ I was in a headspace where I felt as if the outside world was telling me ‘no’ all the time. I was abused by people in my life, then judged for my sexuality and for who I was inside. I was surrounding myself with friendships that weren't allowing me to express the full essence of who I am, and I felt like I was constantly being asked to change who I was in order to make others more comfortable. ‘Push Me’ became my medicinal message and constant reminder that the more I welcome every unique part of myself, the more complete I will feel all on my own.