Cassidy Mann Shares New Single ‘Tropical Sour Candy’

Canadian singer and songwriter Cassidy Mann is back with her brand new single Tropical Sour Candy, a captivating indie-pop song taken from her debut EP, If It's Not Forever, out now via End Times Music. 
The follow up to her lovely singles Fine and Since I Met You, Tropical Sour Candy continues to showcase Cassidy Mann's gorgeous, dreamy vocals and storytelling abilities. This is a song about processing one particular breakup, remembering sitting on her bed and eating the same sour candy she once shared with the person she missed. Apart from her lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the killer beat and how it is nicely intertwined with intricate acoustic guitar riffs that create an overall warm, introspective atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song and title, Cassidy Mann said, 
this thing that seems sweet, but also physically hurts you if you have too much.