Cammie Robinson & Ruhde Share New Single ‘Nobody Else’

British singer and songwriter Cammie Robinson has teamed up with Italian DJ/Producer Ruhde (a.k.a. Davide Russo) to deliver Nobody Else, an upbeat, funky piece of electro-pop musicout now via GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar GmbH.
I adore Cammie Robinson's distinctive, smoky tone and how rich and soulful her vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the polished electronic production. Apart from Cammie Robinson's luscious vocals, I am particularly fond of the strong bassline throughout the song which is nicely paired with steady percussive elements, groovy guitars and disco-tinged strings that together create an overall confident, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun night out. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Cammie Robinson said it is, 

about loving someone and wanting no one else but them, no matter the flaws, difficulties or bad times