Caley Rose Shares New Single ‘Lonely Bird’

American singer and songwwriter Caley Rose has just shared her brand new single Lonely Bird, a haunting, cinematic piece of indie-pop music. 
A song written as a way to mourn her grandfather, Lonely Bird is a dark and cinematic piece of music that instantly captured my attention from start to finish. I am loving Caley Rose's enchanting vocals which are packed with so much emotion that is enhanced by the lush piano chords and warm atmospherics. I am also very fond of the cinematic strings/synths and how warm and haunting the song's atmosphere is. Lonely Bird is one of those songs that will give you all the feels, being perfect for those introspective days at home but also great to be in the soundtrack of an epic movie. If you're into enchanting vocals, emotive piano chords and overall haunting and cinematic vibes, then you'll love Lonely Bird. Check it out below!