Anna Grelle Shares New Single ‘When Seasons Change’

Swedish folk-pop artist, songwriter and music producer Anna Grelle has just shared her brand new single When Seasons Change, an intimate and nostalgic piano-based ballad. 

The follow up to her haunting pop single I Wish I Were, the piano-led Young Hearts, and the dreamy folk-pop Crossroad, When Seasons Change is an emotive piano-based song about accepting that seasons change, and that we can't do anything about it. This is a song about realising that time moves forward and that we shouldn't fight it, no matter how hard it can be sometimes.  

This message is beautifully conveyed through Anna Grelle's lovely vocals which glide effortlessly over a captivating blend of emotive piano chords, steady drum patterns and cinematic strings that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!