Alison Sudol Shares New Single ‘Peaches’

London-based American singer-songwriter, musician, actress and video director Alison Sudol has just shared her intimate new single Peaches, out now via Kartel Music Group. 
Released ahead of her upcoming support dates with Goldfrapp at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 April, and a day before the UK release of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore’, in which Alison reprises her role as Queenie Goldstein, Peaches is the first single taken from Alison forthcoming album due later in the year. 
I am loving Alison Sudol's smooth, hushed vocals which set the tone for her intimate, deeply personal praise to motherhood. Apart from her gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of its delicate arrangement which is built through sparse guitars, steady drums patterns, killer bass and dreamy synths that back Alison's lush, vocal harmonies. This is such a warm and soothing piece of music perfect for a laid-back weekend at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Alison Sudol said, 
We came up with the foundation of ‘Peaches’ in the studio in Wales, sitting in the sun during an insane heat wave, looking out over sheep fields, the framework of the song came almost immediately but the words were slow. Several months later, with a nearly finished record, ‘Peaches’ still had no lyrics. My partner and I were talking about trying again for a child. I kept dreaming of this little baby girl. The dreams were so vivid, so real it was like she was right there, but I had no idea if I could bring a child into the world. The dreams made me long for her so much it was dizzying, but painful too, knowing it might never happen. The lyrics finally came. Three weeks later our daughter was conceived.