Theo Tams Shares New Single ‘Tongue Tied’

Canadian singer and songwriter Theo Tams has just shared his brand new single Tongue Tied, a chilled out piece of soulful R&B music. 
I am really enjoying his warm, honeyed vocals which glide effortlessly over the light and airy, R&B-inflected production that instantly creates quite a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Apart from his lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the cool guitar plucks which are seamlessly intertwined with a killer beat, warm rhythms and cool brass elements that make the song perfect for a carefree weekend out in the sun. Check it out below!



Tongue Tied is a way to Theo express parts of his Christian upbringing and how some Christians have reduced the gay community to (As he explains), 
just sex, rather than the actual love, comraderie, friendship, art, and spirit that exists within so much of the community. We still have a lot of support, even familial support has come around, but in that moment it was us against the world.