Taylor B-W Shares New Single ‘In Ur Net’

Australian singer and songwriter Taylor B-W has just shared her brand new single In Ur Net, a warm, danceable piece of electro-pop music. 
I am loving Taylor B-W's rich vocals and how commanding her vocal delivery is, instantly drawing our attention to her relatable storytelling. In Ur Net is a song about obsession and lust for someone who doesn't deserve you and is wrapped around a fresh and vibrant electro-pop production with some tropical undertones. Taylor's soulful vocals are definitely my favourite part of the song and the upbeat melodies instantly got me in a good mood. In Ur Net is a crisp fusion of R&B, Reggaeton and contemporary pop music that create an upbeat atmosphere for her relatable storytelling to soar. It covers feelings of emotional entrapment and the all-encompassing overwhelming feelings that can come with it, all nicely wrapped around a danceable production perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Taylor B-W said, Like most of my songs,
‘In Ur Net’ is a fun, danceable pop song on face-value, however, behind the shininess, I delve into something deeper. This song is my take on how obsession and desire for someone can transform into delusion and mania. In Ur Net’ is for anyone who has experienced an uncontrollable obsession and lust for someone who they know doesn’t deserve them. It’s like you are stuck in deep water, trying to swim up to the surface, but something keeps sucking you deeper and deeper, giving you tunnel vision.