SUM SUN Share New Single ‘Kids Again’

Electronic indie-pop trio SUM SUN, consisting of Nick Benton, Eric Plummer, and Ilan Pomerance, have just shared their sophomore single Kids Again, an upbeat piece of indie/electronic music out now via Peaceful Warriors. 
I am loving the euphoric energy of the song which instantly just brightened up my day and got me energised to push through the day. I am really enjoying Nick Benton's confident vocal delivery which is nicely backed by a memorable blend of acoustic pop, indie, and energetic EDM elements. Kids Again is a song about reminiscing about the times as kids when things were more simple, showing that being an adult isn't as fun as we expected it would be. This relatable message is wrapped around a polished production that mixes the acoustic elements of pop and indie music with the bass and energetic sounds of electronic dance music. I am particularly fond of the bright synths, punchy beat, soaring guitars and catchy drums that create an overall uplifting, feel-good atmosphere with tons of energy and euphoria, making Kids Again a great song for a fun weekend out with friends. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, the band said, 
What is stopping us from being kids again’. This song is pretty straight forward in its meaning. It's really about remembering those times as a kid when you could enjoy the simplest things, being an adult isn’t as fun, but as a kid all you wanted to be was an adult because ‘only the cops can ground us now’ (a line in the chorus). This song is also a metaphor for the style of music we want to bring back. This song is inspired by the song ‘Kids’ by MGMT and in a way this song is asking why can't that sound come back. I think it is a combination of both and encompassing those happy and free feeling of being a kid while bringing back that iconic indie sound that we loved as kids.