Stacey Dineen Shares New Single ‘Over It’

Irish singer and songwriter Stacey Dineen has just shared her brand new single Over It, which follows her triumphant debut Ghost of You. 
I am really enjoying her lovely, emotive vocals which are nicely backed by intricate acoustic guitar-based riffs that set the tone for an emotional listening experience. Over It is a song that speaks to the feeling of lingering onto the last fragments of a relationship, finally overcoming the hurt but still thinking about that person. This relatable message is nicely conveyed through her vocals and captivating pop production. I am also very fond of the way the guitar riffs are paired with a captivating, trap-inspired beat that enhance the warmth of the song and her storytelling. Overall this is a lovely pop song that beautifully showcases Stacey's gorgeous vocals and storytelling abilities over warm and infectious pop melodies. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Stacey Dineen said, 
It’s about being over the hurt but not the person, while trying to move on.