Sorry, Peach Share New Single ‘Darling This Isn’t’

Genre bending all-female alternative band Sorry, Peach have just shared their heartwarming brand new single Darling This Isn't, a lovely dream-pop song taken from their upcoming EP You Were Never Mine. 
What I love the most about this song is its warmth and intimate atmosphere that allows for the lead singer Tyerra's gorgeous vocals and dreamy harmonies to soar. A tale of falling in love and taking that leap to allow yourself to trust someone else, Darling This Isn't is wrapped around a memorable acoustic guitar-based melody that won me over from the start. This song oozes chill, feel-good vibes and the combination of enchanting harmonies and lush guitar melodies create quite a warm and soothing atmosphere perfect for a cold, rainy day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tyerra said, 
"Darling This Isn't" was an accident. I never sought out to write a love song, it just fell into my lap. Jonathan (of Honest Creature) played me the guitar riff- it was easily a year old, something he had made and was really proud of but didn't know what else to do with. The words came without thought, I wasn't trying to pick the perfect word or make the melody the catchiest- I was having a conversation with my love. It's about falling into love, taking that leap, letting yourself trust someone enough to put your heart into their hands. It's recognizing someone else's scars while also recognizing yours. This song is a promise, not in a cheesy, I'll-love-you-forever kind of way, but an, I'm-going-to-try-my-best-because-you're-worth-it way. This song really pushed me out of my comfort-zone. Up to this point I’d done almost all of the production for our music by myself, but I gave Jonathan the go ahead to lead production since it was his instrumental. He came up with something that is so unique and different than anything Sorry, Peach has released before, but I think that this collaboration has really opened the door for us to continue to try new things and push our sound.