Silvastone Shares ‘Born Again’ Music Video

Croydon artist, producer, and UK afrobeats pioneer Silvastone has just shared the official music video for his new single Born Again, the latest single from his much-anticipated upcoming fourth project Evolution. 
Born Again beautifully showcases Silvastone's multi-genre sound, finding the artist fusing his sweetly layered melodic vocals over a soulfully self-produced afrobeats instrumental that evidently illustrates touches of his foundational influences, from R&B and hip-hop, to highlife and gospel music. This is a song about how life-changing true love can be, making us feel reborn. 
Speaking about the song, Silvastone said,
The song and its title are a play on words with multiple meanings. It's about a refresh. A renewal. Resetting and starting again. Whether that's life or love. And it’s appropriate in this now post-lockdown times where many of us like myself are picking up where we left off or starting afresh. It’s a feel-good song and something I know we all need right now. And, as a man of God of course, there's nothing better than being ‘Born Again’. The song was recorded in my Croydon studio but was inspired by a trip I had just made to Ghana. It infuses the vibes and energy I had just enjoyed out there. Though it's a love song at heart, 'Born Again' is also musically very spiritual and anointing in its underlying essence. 
Its accompanying music video, filmed in Silvastone’s hometown in Croydon and directed by Eric Myers, beautifully embodies the song's message and feel-good vibes and you can check it out below!



As Silvastone puts it, 
the ‘Born Again’ video balances a love story whilst projecting the feel-good party vibe of its message, and I also wanted it to showcase a 360-degree view of my neighbourhood in Croydon.