SEKI Shares Debut Single ‘Need A Moment’

Thai alt-pop newcomer SEKI has just shared his dreamy synth-pop debut single Need A Moment, out today via independent record label Kaleidoscope BKK. 
I am really enjoying his smooth, expressive vocals which glide beautifully over a shoegaze-inflected indie pop sound that instantly got me in a good mood. Need A Moment is a song about the importance of living in the moment, taking the opportunity to celebrate those we love. This uplifting message is wrapped around a captivating blend of retro synth instrumentation and soaring interwoven harmonies that carve out a dreamy electro-pop sound, with atmospheric verses building toward anthemic, celebratory choruses. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite warm and soothing, sounding perfect to be the soundtrack of a nice weekend out with friends or for those chill days at home. Check it out below!