RIP Youth Shares New Single ‘Midnight Hour’

RIP Youth - the moniker of Australia-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer James Maas - has just shared his brand new single Midnight Hour, a catchy piece of electro-pop music out now via Radikal Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its infectious driving beat which instantly sets the tone for an upbeat, feel-good listening experience. I am also really enjoying the smooth vocals which glide beautifully over the danceable production, singing about leaning into one's freaky side. Many of us let that wild side out when partying at night and this song is about embracing that side and make the most of it. This message is wrapped around a funky, retro-infused feel-good electronic production packed with groovy rhythms nicely intertwined with lush synths, killer percussion and that memorable driving beat that instantly got me in a good mood. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, RIP Youth said,
'Midnight Hour' is a song I wrote about leaning into your freaky side. It’s a carefree song about the persona we take on after dark. When they say nothing good happens after Midnight, I’d beg to differ.