RIIVA Shares New Single ‘Madonna’

German-American singer and songwriter RIIVA has just shared her brand new single Madonna, a sultry electro-pop song. 
The title track of her first Mini EP, Madonna is a song about different facets of sexuality especially the female sexuality: Needs, dreams, sexual self-confidence, wishes or unfulfilled desires but especially the perception of the female sexuality in society. This message is beautifully conveyed through RIIVA's soulful, sultry vocals which ooze so much confidence and sensuality, instantly making the song quite a memorable listening experience. I am also very fond of the four on the floor beat and a rough and bouncy bass-line underneath it that create the perfect atmosphere for RIIVA's sensual and confident vocals to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, RIIVA said, 
I wrote Madonna after I met someone who literally thought I was the love of his life. Just cause I was a little different than the people he usually hangs out with, he projected everything he longs for in a woman onto me, as if I could make all his problems go away or fulfill his desires. First of all I didn’t send any signals and second of all I’m far from that perfect person he thought I would be. Still it was kinda cute cause he was a nice and decent guy. He just seemed so innocent and naive but he definitely couldn’t read me or the room.