Rich Tuorto Shares New Single ‘Wildflowers’

Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Rich Tuorto has just shared his brand new single Wildflowers, a stunning indie-pop cut about realising we should make the most of every day we're given. 
 I am a massive fan of Rich Tuorto's smooth, expressive vocals which effortlessly capture our attention to his storytelling. Rich's vocals are definitely my favourite part of the song as they ooze so much raw, honest emotion which is enhanced by the captivating indie-pop production. Wildflowers encourages the listeners to live life to the fullest and now allow negativity to cloud our minds. This is definitely a song that I needed to hear as I always allow negativity to ruin my days, making it harder to make the most of every day. This message is wrapped around lush guitar plucks that are seamlessly intertwined with a catchy beat and warm rhythms that create an overall uplifting, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rich Tuorto said,
I can feel myself sometimes getting into these negative mindsets, when things aren't quite going my way. Its easy to just fall deeper and deeper into a hole and lose sight of all of the good things that surround you. I wrote Wildflowers as a reminder, for myself and anyone who needs it, that we need to make the most of every day we're given. That if we just stop for a moment, open our eyes a-little wider and dont let negativity cloud our minds, that the possibilities are truly endless.