RAHH Shares New Single ‘Run The Lights’

Fast-rising R&B newcomer RAHH has just shared her vibrant new single Run The Lights, the lead single of her upcoming debut EP. 
What I love the most about this song is RAHH's gorgeous, soulful vocals which are packed with raw emotion, instantly drawing our attention to her storytelling. Run The Lights sees her adopt a more adventurous and explorative realm within the genre. Opening up with bold and pulsing basslines that create an almost breathless feeling to the release, she rides this rich and soaring atmosphere to deliver a wonderfully powerful and distinct addition to her catalogue to date. Run The Lights is a song about doing things for the wrong reasons, feeling a bit lost and not knowing when to stop. I am also very fond of the gorgeous synths and how heartfelt her vocal delivery is. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, RAHH said, 
Run The Lights is about going out for all the wrong reasons - to numb the pain, to distract yourself from your own thoughts, to get over someone. Whatever it is, we all do it. The title refers to not knowing when to stop. You're a danger and out of control but your foot is to the floor.