PAENDA Shares New Single Your Song’

Austrian singer, musician and producer PAENDA has just shared her brand new single Your Song, an uplifting love song out now via Sick Kick Records. 
PAENDA's lush, expressive vocals are definitely the star of the song, as they soar beautifully over the upbeat melodies and effortlessly infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion. Your Song is a track about falling in love and the rush of emotions and butterflies in one's stomach while that spark is growing. A song about first love, Your Song is wrapped around dreamy pop melodies that paired with her vocals and infectious hook make it a perfect song for radios and for a fun weekend out with somemone special. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, PAENDA said, 
Love songs were never my thing – often the lyrics seemed too deliberate, melodies too cheesy. It was different with 'Your Song'. There wasn't much thinking or fiddling around here, I was just in the flow.