Mathias Gundhus Shares New Single ‘Your Return’

Norwegian singer and songwriter Mathias Gundhus has just shared his brand new single Your Return, the 4th single to be taken from his debut EP, Now Would Be A Good Time, out now via Toothfairy. 
I am loving how warm and soothing this song is, being perfect to play after a long, stressful day. Mathias Gundhus' silky, soft vocals are incredibly captivating, instantly infusing the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion. Your Return is an uplifting, dreamy piece of folk-infused music that features soothing fingerpicked guitars nicely intertwined with lush strings and steady percussion that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for his stunning vocals to soar. Definitely one of those songs that instantly get me in a good mood, being quite comforting like a warm embrace. Have a listen to this gem below!