Maisie May Shares New Single ‘I Could've Sworn’

American singer and songwriter Maisie May has just shared her brand new single I Could've Sworn, a smooth and dreamy piece of electro-pop music. 
I am really enjoying Maisie May's lovely vocals which soar beautifully over the captivating production, sharing the raw emotions of shock and disappointment that an unexpected heartbreak causes. This sad story about the uncertainty of love showcases a vulnerable side of Maisie and in the end shares an uplifting and hopeful message of survival and re-growth. Maisie's gorgeous vocals are wrapped around a lovely electro-pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely intertwined with groovy rhythms and expansive synths that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a chill weekend at home with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Maisie May said, 
I wrote 'I Could've Sworn' last fall when I was trying to make sense of an unexpected heartbreak. Mentally, I was jumping between feelings of love, loss, sadness, anger, hatred, etc., and I couldn’t make sense of anything. Writing this song was one of the first successful steps I took towards comprehension and closure. It was an extremely special and cathartic experience which is why I’m so happy to finally share it with the world.