Madam Bandit Shares New Single ‘Punctured Lungs’

Californian singer and songwriter Madam Bandit has just shared her brand new single Puntured Lungs, her most intimate release so far. 
Out now via Blue Morph Music, Punctured Lungs is a heartfelt piece of music about to the darker parts of learning to breathe again after loss and depression, a message that is beautifully conveyed through her gorgeous and emotive vocal delivery. I am really fond of the way starts quite warm and intimate with piano chords, nice rhythms and lush strings backing her lovely vocals, being then joined by infectious percussive elements and synths that infuse the song with a burst of energy. Punctured Lungs is a captivating electro-pop song with a powerful message and emotion and is also accompanied by a striking music video which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Madam Bandit said, 
I remember watching my frosted breath one night during the most isolating and uncertain periods of the Pandemic. I felt small under numberless stars in an infinite universe collapsing in on me. In that moment, dying sounded more comforting than living. Before the Pandemic hit, I was already deconstructing the Mormon faith of my youth. Everything I thought I knew and previously believed was no longer true for me and putting together a new framework for how to live my life proved extremely difficult and taxing. Forging a new path for myself was also necessary. The isolation I felt leaving my former close-knit community was intense; the Pandemic added another layer on top, a palpable knife to the chest. That was the first time in my life I sought medical intervention for depression. “Punctured Lungs” was written from that experience. I am far from alone in having experienced profound isolation and depression during Covid. "Punctured Lungs" speaks to anyone who has literally and figuratively struggled to breathe through the last couple of years.