Local Nomad Shares New Single ‘Like a Child’

Long Island indie/alt outfit Local Nomad has just shared his brand new single Like a Child, a lovely indie-pop cut out now via Joyride Music Group. 
Taken from Local Nomad's upcoming EP, Stranger in My Hometown (Set to arrive on March 31st), Like a Child is a song about male vulnerability and embracing your inner child. This message is beautifully conveyed through his smooth, passionate vocal delivery which glides beautifully over the polished indie/alt-pop production. I am particularly fond of the memorable driving beat which is nicely paired with soaring guitars, punchy drums and lush synths that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Local Nomad said,
This is another song I redid from my past that took on a new meaning. Parents teach boys that they have to be tough, rigged, and emotionally complacent. I think many guys have their own idea of what being a man really means. As a straight guy I never fit into this mold. I was mostly raised by my mother and learned at an early age that it is okay to talk about your emotions. She taught me about emotional intelligence. Growing up I was looked at as an outsider or called sensitive, when in reality I was just expressing my true self.