little luna Shares New Single ‘the glass’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and wellness advocate little luna has just shared her brand new single the glass, a captivating indie-pop/rock song taken from her debut EP, through the self, out now via AWAL Recordings. 
little luna's vocals are quite commanding and packed with emotion, beautifully connecting the listeners to her relatable storytelling. the glass is an introspective piece of music about being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge both the good and the not so great parts of ourselves. This message is beautifully conveyed through a polished indie-pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs that are seamlessly paired with catchy rhythms and punchy drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a chill day home alone or for a long drive during sunset. Check it out below!



little luna says on the track, 
i wrote this song about a revelation i had while looking in the mirror. we all have parts of ourselves/personalities/habits that are wonderful, and we all have parts of ourselves/personalities/habits that are not great. but to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, for all that you are, and not be scared of what you see, is a part of the journey to knowing your self fully and deeply. to acknowledge these parts is to alchemize these parts! to transform your life, you can’t sweep the things you don’t want to deal with within yourself, under the rug. they’ll eventually pile up, and you’ll trip over the bump in the carpet! “i’ve been facing a side, of myself in the glass tonight, and i’ve realized, it’s okay that i look inside”. alchemy! magic! understanding!