Krees Waves & Stan Kayh Share New Single ‘We Came For Love’

French DJs and producers Krees Waves and Stan Kayh teamed up to deliver a sun-soaked, feel-good piece of electronic music titled We Came For Love. 
Out now via Alveda Music, We Came For Love will instantly get you into summer mood as its tropical melodies and feel-good vibes ooze with so much freedom and warmth that will get you thinking of those carefree summer days by the beach. The song shares a message of two broken-hearted people that decide to share their lives together and is wrapped around upbeat, danceable melodies packed with catchy percussive elements and synths that back lush, soulful vocals packed with emotion. Have a listen to this Tropical House-infused feel-good gem below!



Speaking about the song, the duo said, 
"We Came For Love" is a simple story: a man and a girl with the same past. Both have had their hearts broken. Since they have the same story, they decide to share their life together. Under this story, we wanted to make a nod to what we live in our duo "Krees Waves & Stan Kayh". We have shared the same failures on our side, which certainly helped to bring us closer and made us decide to become a duo in music.