Koltbach Shares New Single ‘Takimata’ ft. Andrew Neal

German acoustic-electro artist Koltbach has just shared his brand new single Takimata, a captivating piece of indietronica music out now via Slowtrane. 
Koltbach's focuses on combining live recorded acoustic instruments with sculpted electronic sounds, creating quite a minimalist and intimate atmosphere, and Takimata is a great example of his unique sound. For this track Koltbach teamed up with singer Andrew Neal, whose smooth, expressive vocals are packe with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listeners to his storytelling. I am particularly fond of the way the song starts with shimmering electronic elements that are slowly paired with intricate guitar riffs and lush strings. I am also really enjoying the way the song builds up with energy towards the end with the organic elements being paired with a memorable beat and lush synths that enhance the song's warmth. This is quite a memorable piece of music with a meditative, cinematic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Koltbach said, This song came to me as if I had dreamed it. It's an unusual song for an unusual time. It's about a dream that felt very real for that moment. Real and sincere. Now the world has changed; and that dream is further away than ever.