Jenny Kern & Jacob Neverhill Share New Single ‘Say We Tried’

Brooklyn-based, Canadian indie singer-songwriter Jenny Kern has teamed up with British singer-songwriter Jacob Neverhill to deliver a stunning piece of indie-pop music titled Say We Tried. 
Written, performed and produced by Jenny Kern and Jacob Neverhill, Say We Tried is a song about how hard it is to face the truth that a relationship is truly over. Say We Tried flawlessly evokes the emotions we feel when trying to understand our own actions and the actions of others, sharing a message of realising that there's nothing else you can do to save a relationship and that it's simply over. Both Jenny and Jacob's vocals are impeccable and packed with so much raw emotion, effortlessly making us feel each and every single word they sing. Apart from their lush vocals and harmonies, I am very fond of the killer percussion that is nicely paired with swirling drums, lush, bright synths, cool guitars and catchy rhythms that create an overall warm atmosphere drenched with emotion. Check it out below!