Jenny Berkel Shares New Single ‘Kaleidoscope’

Canadian poet, singer and songwriter Jenny Berkel has just shared her brand new single Kaleidoscope, the first single to be taken from her upcoming album, These Are the Sounds Left from Leaving, set for release on May 13th via Outside Music. 
I am really enjoying Jenny Berkel's rich, commanding vocals and how they instanly draw our attention to her relatable storytelling. Kaleidoscope is a song the importance of care and precision in language, both in the broader political landscape and in intimate emotional ways. From the heart-wrenching confusion of interpersonal manipulation, it extrapolates a collectively felt disorientation at the kaleidoscopic swirling of disinformation and misinformation. This message is beautifully conveyed through a polished indie/folk production packed with intricate guitar riffs which are seamlessly intertwined with a steady beat and lush strings that create an overall warm, chill atmosphere. Check it out below!