James Alphonse Shares New Single ‘i dont need to choose’

Canadian singer and songwriter James Alphonse has just shared his brand new single i dont need to choose, an upbeat electro-pop cut. 
Taken from his upcoming solo debut EP, i dont need to choose is an infectious song about relationship insecurities faced by his long-term and long-distance partner. Whenever long-distance becomes part of a relationship, even temporarily, it is normal to have some insecurities, and sometimes one just needs some reassurance that they are the only one for them. This message is beautifully conveyed through James Alphonse's luscious vocals which ooze confidence and emotion. I am also very of the catchy melodies that are packed with a cool bass/beat, groovy guitar riffs and warm rhythms that create an overall feel-good and confident atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, James Alphonse said, 
I always tell her that I wish I could show her what I see, because then she’d know for sure that I don’t see any other choices. She’s the one for me.