Jack Keyes Shares New Single ‘Gray Balloons’

American singer and songwriter Jack Keyes has just shared his brand new single Gray Balloons, a melodic indie-folk song. 
I am really enjoying his silky smooth vocals and how expressive they are, soaring beautifully over the warm production. Gray Balloons is a song about celebrating the good times while also mourning a future loos, a personal song for Jack as he wrote the song after finding out his girlfriend had to leave town due to her visa being revoked. This message is wrapped around a polished indie-folk production packed with intricate acoustic guitar melodies that effortlessly create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jack Keys said, 
This song was written after my girlfriend had her visa revoked. She had to very suddenly leave our town in Kentucky to go back to her family nearly 10,000 miles away. In our last days together, I wanted to be happy and celebrate the good times, while also mourning a future loss. This is symbolized in the title "gray balloons" -- something celebratory (balloons), mixed with something melancholy (the color gray). Thankfully, after several months, my girlfriend was able to get a new visa, and we are happily reunited again.