Folly Tree Shares New Single ‘Remedies’

Israel-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Folly Tree has just shared her brand new single Remedies, the third and last single to be taken from her upcoming album. 
Out now via Raw Tapes Records, Remedies is a stunning, bedroom/lo-fi pop song about the feelings of isolation after experiencing trauma, and how going through healing can be quite gratifying. This message is beautifully conveyed through her dreamy vocals which glide beautifully over the chilled out production. Apart from her lovely vocals I am particularly fond of the gently-plucked guitar riffs and strings which are nicely paired with a steady drum beat and bright synths that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. 
Its accompanying music video, directed by Omer Manor, which Alex dreamt up and co-produced, illustrates the push and pull of these emotions. She awakens in a tower, free from time and space, but a presence from the past holds her back. By the time she sings “I’m more alone than I appear,” it’s not a plea, it’s a proud declaration. Check it out below!