flyckt Shares New Single ‘Jonny Boy’

flyckt, the project of Stockholm based artist and producer Rasmus Flyckt, has just released his cover of the Nordic indie classic Jonny Boy (by Kite). 
Out now via Dumont Dumont, this lovely cover is a pop anthem that draws inspiration from acts like Phoenix, MGMT and Foster the People. This is a song about going out to escape our problems and to numb the pain, an anthem to let go of all the bad emotions and be in a headspace where nothing can touch you. Wanting to escape everyday life is very common and I feel this song allows us to escape from all the drama and bad vibes in our lives, even if it's just for a while. flyckt's voice is quite captivating and that whistling is incredibly addictive, instantly making me want to sing along to it. Have a listen to this upbeat pop song below!



Speaking about the song, flyckt said, 
Jonny Boy is a song written by the band Kite and is somewhat of a cult classic in Sweden. The song really resonates with me. I can relate to going out to escape everyday life and I felt like the song got another dimension with the pandemic. Like a lot of people are going out to numb the pain and all of a sudden they couldn’t do that anymore. To me going out with Jonny Boy means that all the bad emotions are turned off, and that you are in a headspace where no one can touch you. Hope you will like it.