Flowerless Shares New Single ‘LAB’

Flowerless, the alter ego of Nightwell lead singer and frontman, Jason Emsallem, has just shared his brand new single LAB, an infectious blend of electro-pop and hip-hop about reflecting on the end of a relationship. 
LAB (Life's a Bitch) finds the talented Canadian artist beautifully showcasing his smooth vocals and confident delivery over a warm and expansive alt-pop production. Flowerless reflects on the end of a relationship which taught him that he is, in fact, an “emotional bitch.” Two years ago, he was in a relationship that wasn’t committed and about to express deeper feelings to the woman he was with, when she slept with her ex. This song is his way to process the feelings he went through when the relationship, which is wrapped around an emotional blend of electro-pop, emo hip-hop elements. Apart from his smooth vocals I am particularly fond of the catchy beat throughout the song and how it is paired with catchy percussion and expansive elements that create an overall warm, chill atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Flowerless said,
Even though she said it was trash and she didn't want to go back to him, the damage had been done and I wasn't able to get past it to really continue things.