FERGUS Shares New Single ‘Dear Heart’

London-based, alt-pop singer/songwriter FERGUS has just shared his brand new single Dear Heart, a hauntingly beautiful piece of bedroom/lo-fi pop music out now via Goldun Egg Records.
Co-produced by FERGUS and Jake Gosling, Dear Friend finds FERGUS laying his soul through a series of painfully heartbreaking declarations to a mother that he thought he was going to lose. The song opens with the rumble of an organ’s almost funereal tone with FERGUS’ pitch perfect haunting vocal delivery gliding effortlessly over the dreamy and airy production. Apart from his vocals and the organ, I am very fond of how dreamy and somewhat ethereal, the harmonies are and how the song's touches of melancholia make the song stand out even more. Quite a warm and intimate piece of music which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, FERGUS said, 

 I started writing Dear Heart a long time ago now, when I was facing the prospect of losing someone dear to me. I wrote that seasons change and time marches on, but I’ll always have you here, in my heart. The second half came along, years later, at the end of the decade when I was thinking about what I would have wanted to say, had things not worked out so fortunately.