Etaoin Shares New Single ‘Sick Of Me’

London-based Irish singer and songwriter Etaoin has just shared her brand new single Sick Of Me, a heart-wrenching ballad out now via Made Records. 
Taken from her upcoming EP, I Hate Everyone (But I Don’t Mind You), due out later this year, Sick Of Me beautifully showcases Etaoin's trademark brutal honesty and heart wrenching lyricism, this time paired with a poppier sound yet without leaving behind her stripped back, tender acoustic style. I am a fan of Etaoin's gorgeous vocals which are packed with raw emotion, instantly making us feel each and every single word she sings. 
Sick Of Me takes the real story of Etaoin and her best friend Florence, with her melancholic vocals singing about the pain of drifting apart after they both went to university, and after one heated argument, stopping talking to each other completely. The song occasionally bursts into powerful, belting codas as the melody explodes. The production, by Joe Rubel, acts as a conduit for this emotion, escalating on words that Etaoin wishes she could have said to someone while the relentless acoustic strum dances underneath. This is definitely a very relatable story and I love how raw and honest it is, a feeling enhanced by her gorgeous vocals and intricate acoustic guitar strums. This is one of those songs perfect for those cold, rainy days home alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Etaoin said, 
I felt hurt and replaced by her new life and friends. I was totally heartbroken and thought about her literally every day but was far too proud to message her and tell her that. The whole situation had me feeling totally unhinged if I’m honest. I felt like I’d caused the problem and would tell myself there was no point in trying to fix it because the friendship was over and I just needed to get over it - but I would lie in bed at night and write diary entries addressed to her on my iPhone notes and then never send them. 
I ended up having my wisdom teeth out, and calling her when loopy and off my face from the pain medication they’d given me. I remember I told her I love her and I look like a puffer fish who got slam-dunked by Arnold Schwarzenegger into a moving car. We laughed, and cried and she said she loved me too. Everything went back to normal and she’s still my best friend. Funny how life works itself out.