Emily Clair Shares New Single ‘Kiss Strangers’

Canadian country artist Emily Clair has just shared her brand new single Kiss Strangers, a lovely Country/Pop song about letting go of hearbreak. 
Co-written by Emily Clair along with Bobbi Smith – of Canadian country trio The Heels – and seasoned songwriter David Borys (Wes Mack, Kadooh), Kiss Strangers is an empowering breakup anthem for all the strong women out there to indulge in new adventures and break from the misconception that all heart-broken women stay sad and dwelling on past relationships. This message is beautifully conveyed through Emily Clair's gorgeous vocals and passionate vocal delivery which glides effortlessly over the upbeat Pop/Country production that features gorgeous guitar riffs and drums. The whole song oozes feel-good vibes and if you're a fan of Country music you will really enjoy this one. Check it out below!



Speaking about Kiss Strangers, Emily Clair says, 
In country music, women are often presented as dwelling on past relationships by drowning in a box of ice cream or a bottle of wine. I wanted to break away from that perception and offer a fresh take on the post-relationship mindset. With Bobbi and David, wrote a sassy and empowering break-up anthem for all the strong, single women out there who want to let go of yesterday's heartbreak. Starting over doesn’t have to be so sad. The thrill of indulging in new adventures can also be fun and liberating.