ELENA Shares New Single ‘Dreaming’

Emerging UK artist ELENA has just shared her brand new single Dreaming, the latest single to be taken from her debut EP, Enough Love, which is out now. 
I am really enjoying the tone of ELENA's voice and how passionate and soulful her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the captivating production. Dreaming beautifully blends elements of R&B, Pop and Electro-pop music into a memorable listening experience. Apart from the emotion pouring from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the groovy guitar riffs throughout and how they are nicely paired with a killer beat, catchy drum patterns and cool electronics that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the EP, ELENA said, 
I never wanted this EP to be sad, I wanted to share my life and not only the pandemic to express different events and episodes which I have had live through putting myself in control. The song represents what I felt and wished I had of said, if I had of been strong enough at the time. Writing these words onto a page has been life therapy I never knew I needed.