Edie Carey Shares Live Acoustic Rendition Of ‘The Chain’

Chicago-based singer and songwriter Edie Carey has just shared a stunning live acoustic rendition of her latest single The Chain, a gorgeous piece of indie-folk/pop music about finally being able to let go. 
This gem is taken from her forthcoming album The Veil and is a song about feeling like we are never enough in the eyes of another, that no matter what we do or try to prove, their view of us remains unchanged. It shares a message of realisation, recognition and, ultimately, of letting go, finally being free. 
Now the talented artist has shared a stripped down live performance which captures the origins of the song when she and co-writer Megan Burtt wrote it in her kitchen with an acoustic guitar. I am a sucker for acoustic songs and how they allow the emotion of the vocals and storytelling to soar. Their vocals are amazing, packed with so much soul and emotion! Definitely a memorable version which you can check out below!