Drew Schueler Shares Stripped Version Of ‘To Know I Hurt You’

Earlier this year Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Drew Schueler shared stunning single To Know I Hurt You, an emotionally-charged pop song that shows a raw and painful look into the thoughts of a person who has lost all they loved, due to their own mistakes. 
I adore the studio version with its emotive piano chords, soaring guitars and warm rhythms, and now the talented singer returns with a stripped version of this gem and I have to say that it is absolutely stunning. Stripping things down a bit focusing on the smooth guitar plucks nicely paired with a delicate beat and piano chords, that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere that enhances the emotion pouring from his heartfelt vocal delivery. It's a version that makes his sorrowful apology stand out even more, effortlessly connecting his message with the listeners. Have a listen to this gem below!