Dolores Forever Share New Single ‘Baby Teeth’

London-based band Dolores Forever, consisting of close friends Hannah Wilson (from Yorkshire) and Julia Fabrin (from Copenhagen), have just shared their emphatic, hook-laden new single Baby Teeth, out now via Sweat Entertainment/Official Music DK. 
What I love the most about this song is their gorgeous vocals and dreamy harmonies which glide effortlessly over the polished indie-pop production. Baby Teeth nods knowingly to the mid tempo indie guitars and killer hook combination reminicent of the likes of Weezer and Garbage. The song shares a message to our younger selves, that we shouldn't worry so much, to live our lives the best we can and learn who we truly are. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through their gorgeous vocals which glide effortlessly over killer guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with bright synths and catchy drum patterns that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dolores Forever said,
Baby Teeth is a message to our younger selves, who thought they knew nothing, and probably didn't, but that's OK. We still don't really, but at least we've grown out of the painful urge to transform every aspect of our character to be liked. This is an ode to that cocktail of insecurity and bravado of youth, saying don’t worry so much, you’re just fine, go live your life and learn who you are.