Dantec Shares New Single ‘Dark Light’ ft. Sam Welch

German DJ and producer Dantec has just shared his brand new single Dark Light, an infectious piece of House/EDM perfect to get you in a weekend mood in no time. 
For this song Dantec teamed up with British producer, singer and topliner Sam Welch, whose luscious, passionate vocals soar effortlessly over the upbeat melodies, effortlessly infusing the song with a memorable dose of emotion. Apart from those stunning vocals, I am very fond of the lush House piano chords and how they are nicely intertwined with groovy rhythms, danceable percussive elements, expansive synths and an infectious drop that makes the song stand out even more. Dark Light is a House banger packed with tons of energy and emotion that make it perfect for a fun weekend out with friends. Check it out below!