Caius Shares New Single ‘Tomorrow’ ft. Neigh

Danish electronic music producer Caius has just shared his brand new single Tomorrow, a super chill, nu-disco infused electro-pop song out now via Strange Pack Records. 
A collaboration with fellow Danish singer-songwriter Neigh, Tomorrow brings a fresh gust of energy that finds Caius presenting lush vocal melodies before unleashing a sophisticated bassline, well placed beats, mellow synth chords and laidback sound effects. I am loving the groovy beat, expansive synths, bass guitar riffs and how the song oozes chill summer vibes. This is one of those songs perfect to play when you want to unwind after a stressful day as it will transport you to those warm, summer days with no cares in the world. Definitely a song that will get you in a good mood and is also accompanied by a music video, directed by Caius, which features Neigh as the main character. Check it out below!



Speaking about the collaboration, Caius said, 
I think the reason why Neigh and I love working together, is the honesty we find in each other’s music styles. So much music these days is so obviously made because someone thinks it will be a hit or fit into big playlists. But when the two of us work together, it’s always just been a deeper search to express how we feel. So it’s kind of cool to see all the love our past tracks have gotten, and the messages we get from people daily telling us how much the tracks have helped them. I think it is just the ultimate proof that music doesn't have to fit a certain box to be good, it just has to touch people.