Bree Kennedy Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘Thick Skin’
Nashville-based singer and songwriter Bre Kennedy has just shared a moving acoustic version of Thick Skin, the triumphant anthem from her debut album, Note To Self, which was self-released later last year. 
I am loving Bre Kennedy's gorgeous vocals and how they have a raspy and breathy touch that enhance the emotion of her storytelling while also making the song stand out even more. I have to say that Bree's voice is definitely the star of this song which tackles themes of self-growth, reflection, and over-coming. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs and how the song is incredibly warm and soothing, sounding perfect for a relaxing day at home. Thick Skin (Acoustic) is one of four songs from her upcoming EP Note To Self (Acoustic), set for release on April 15th. Check it out below!