Ben Ellis Shares Debut Single ‘not this time’

London-based Welsh singer and songwriter Ben Ellis makes his official musical introduction with the release of his debut single not this time, an infectious alt/pop song. 
I am really enjoying the contrast between the ukulele and the punchier beat, reminding me a bit of Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever. Ben's smooth, confident vocals istantly capture our attention to his relatable storytelling about wanting to stay true to yourself and not conforming to what others think you should do. This message is wrapped around a polished production that features lush ukulele riffs nicely intertwined with soaring electric guitar riffs and a punchy beat throughout the song that makes it stand out even more. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Ben Ellis said, 
I wrote "not this time" about people imposing their fears on me regarding going after my dreams. It speaks to me wanting to stay true to myself instead of conforming to the traditional ideas of what a career path should look like.