Bear’s Den Share New Single ‘Blue Hours’

British folk-rock duo Bear's Den – made up of Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones – have just shared their brand new single Blue Hours, a lovely indie-pop song out now via Communion Records. 
The title track of their highly-anticipated new album, set for release on May 13th, Blue Hours sees the duo adopt a more electronic bed, delivering one of the record’s more anthemic cuts. This is a song about trying to have a conversation with someone that is hard to reach, a relatable message that is beautifully conveyed through lush, confident vocals. I am very fond of the driven pace, catchy percussive elements, cool guitar riffs and euphoric textures that make Blue Hours one of their most vibrant songs to date. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, Davie said,

Fundamentally ‘Blue Hours’ is a song about communicating with someone that’s hard to reach. It’s this idea of trying to have a conversation with someone through one-way glass, where they can’t even see you and there’s a real disconnect with how you’re communicating. On one level, it’s also an internal thing, where you’re trying to get through to yourself. I think the act of writing songs, or even trying to write anything, is the act of trying to communicate, so I think there’s something in that which is interesting.