Astelle Shares Debut Single ‘K Boy Bye’

Norwegian singer and songwriter Astelle has just shared her official debut single K Boy Bye, an upbeat dancehall-infused electro-pop song out now via Swedish record label Loudkult. 
I am loving Astelle's gorgeous vocals and how her vocal delivery oozes so much soul and confidence, instantly drawing our attention to her storytelling. K Boy Bye is a song about having fun at the club but also aiming to remember women of their worth so that they won’t fall into the love trap of the heartbreakers. This message is wrapped around a polished production that beautifully blends elements of dancehall, reggae, pop and electro-pop music into a feel-good listening experience. I am particularly fond of the punchy beat throughout the song and its overall feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Astelle said, 
This song came to life through my own and my friends experiences at the club and parties where the opposite sex was acting disrespectful and arrogant. Me and Jann contacted each other on Instagram, and Im glad we did because that was the beginning of a great and long cooperation and also the beginning of "K Boy Bye". We set up a session on which we wrote «K Boy Bye", and that was my first session ever! I have never been involved in such a process before and as a matter of fact I have never met Jann or Jørgen, or any other songwriter that day before. I was nervous but so determined and excited! And it turned out to be a success! The vibe in the studio was magical and the productivity and creativity was on a whole another level! We all came along immediately. But I have to say that we spent around 12 hours that day in the studio and the amount of vocals we tracked is insane, which gives the song it’s richness in sound so it was totally worth it!