Alexa Villa Shares New Single ‘Not Your Fool’

Los-Angeles based bubble-rocker Alexa Villa has just shared her brand new single Not Your Fool, the latest single to be taken from her new album Good Girl which is out now via Sign From The Universe Entertainment. 
I am really enjoying the soaring guitar riffs and how they set the tone for an edgy, confident piece of pop-rock music. Alexa Villa's vocals are gorgeous and her vocal delivery is very dynamic, super smooth and sensual at times to powerful and passionate belts. Not Your Fool is a song about reclaiming your power after a breakup and is wrapped around a captivating production packed with gorgeous guitar riffs nicely intertwined with punchy percussion and an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Alexa Villa said, 
It’s about looking back at all the red flags, realizing that I missed them, and choosing to grow from the pain rather than letting the break up break me. I wrote this song months after my very toxic long term relationship ended, once the fog cleared and I was able to see that I should have left sooner.