AJ Wander Shares Heartbreaking New Single ‘When You Say I Love You’

London-based singer and songwriter AJ Wander has just shared his heartkreaking new single When You Say I Love You, out now via Elevation Recording Group. 
AJ Wander's vocals are definitely the star of the song as they are packed with so much passion and raw emotion, soaring beautifully over the warm production. When You Say I Love You is a relatable song about having someone falling for you too fast and you try to go along with just just so you don't hurt their feelings. The problem of doing this is that pretending isn't healthy and in the end isn't good for both parties. Choosing to be honest is the best way to go but the struggles to find the right words can be quite challenging. AJ Wander beautifully captures these feelings and experiences in this song which finds his stunning vocals being nicely backed by emotional piano chords, intricate guitar riffs, a steady beat and gorgeous harmonies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for his storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, AJ Wander said, 
"When You Say I Love You" is about someone falling for you too fast and that desire to go along with it just because you don’t want them to experience rejection. Eventually you arrive at a realisation that pretending to be in love is not healthy, so you choose to be honest, but telling them that you need to slow things down is an emotional minefield.