XOHA Shares New Single ‘Too Late’

Emerging pop singer and songwriter XOHA has just shared her brand new single Too Late, an upbeat electro-pop song about overcoming self-doubt and toxic people. 
Produced by Chad Bamford, Too Late beautifully highlights the angelic and robust voice of XOHA, which soars effortlessly over the retro-contemporary beats. I am really enjoying how confident and passionate XOHA's vocal delivery is, instantly drawing our attention to her empowering message of flourishing into a more confident being, finding one's inner power. The title fits perfectly with the lyrics as it conveys that everyone is “too late” in an attempt to change her mind; she is going to continue singing and creating music. She will continue to grow in her confidence and strive to better herself. This message is wrapped around a polished production packed with catchy percussion nicely intertwined with a lively distinct beat and lush synths that create a punchy, feel-good atmosphere.



Speaking about the song, XOHA said,
‘TOO LATE’ delivers a message to all of the people struggling with relationship issues, giving them the freedom to find their inner power and level up in their lives, leaving unnecessary people behind.